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Our bodies perform thousands of important biological functions, which rely on proper supply of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Many of these essential nutrients our bodies cannot synthesize and rely on food sources to replenish the supply. Ideally, all these nutrients would be obtained from a varied and well-balanced diet. However, in today's fast-paced world many of us do not have the time to prepare healthy and nutritionally diverse meals. Scientific research shows that over 95% of analyzed diets lack in at least several of the key vitamins or minerals. Taking a high-quality balanced multivitamin supplement like Balanced Trio would insure appropriate supply of all the key nutrients to help the body perform its vital functions.
Three formulas that constitute Balanced Trio provide scientifically balanced amounts of all the essential vitamins and minerals, plus over 70 trace minerals, plant-derived antioxidants, omega-3 fish oil, CoQ10 and unique mix of herbal/fruit standardized extracts. Together Morning, Mid-day and Evening formulas supply the body with all the essentials micronutrients that it needs on a daily basis. Taking Balanced Trio is equivalent to taking 5 separate supplements: daily multivitamin, fish oil, CoQ10, antioxidant formula and Cal/Mag supplement. When taking Balanced Trio multivitamins, you avoid the confusion of what supplement to take when and how to combine them, plus all the vitamins and minerals are grouped by synergy and the best time of day to take them.
Balanced Trio formulas were created based on numerous research that analyzed interactions between specific vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Research studies show that some combinations of vitamins and minerals enhance absorption of one another, while other combinations greatly inhibit absorption of individual components. In addition some vitamins and minerals have energizing effect on the body and are best taken during the first half of the day. Other vitamins and minerals have relaxing effect on the body and are best taken in the evening. To learn more about the science behind the creation of Balanced Trio and to review some of these studies please visit Scientific Evidence page.
First of all, Balanced Trio multivitamins are much higher quality then any vitamins you can find at the local pharmacy. At Vital Formulas we take great care in researching and selecting the highly bio-available forms for each ingredient. Balanced Trio includes many patented ingredients, because they are more pure and potent.

In addition, Balanced Trio offers complete nutritional support. It is equivalent to five separate products: daily multi, omega-3 fish oil, CoQ10, antioxidants, Cal/Mag. Most importantly, all the ingredients in Balanced Trio are grouped by synergy and the best time of day to take them. This makes Balanced Trio much more effective compared to most other multivitamins.

One-a-day multivitamins include very small amounts of such vital minerals as calcium, magnesium and potassium. They do not include omega-3 fish oil and botanical antioxidants, or only include them in minute amounts. Also, they often include minerals in the oxides form, which is much less bulky, but also much less absorbed form of minerals. One serving of our Morning formula consists of three small capsules, the bulk of which are botanical antioxidants. One serving of our Mid-day formula consists of three tablets, the bulk of which is a fish oil. One serving of our Evening formula consists of three tablets, the bulk of which are calcium and magnesium.
Yes, definitely. While for the best results we suggest taking all three formulas apart from each other, it is ok to take Morning and Mid-day formulas at the same time. It is best not to combine Mid-day and Evening formulas since iron and calcium dramatically inhibit absorption of one another. Remember when you take a standard multivitamin, it is like taking all three of our formulas at the same time, so even when you divide our formulas into two servings instead of three, you will get better results.
Yes, Balanced Trio vitamins are gluten free. They are also free of most other common allergens. Balanced Trio does not contain wheat, dairy, gluten, egg, corn, peanuts/tree nuts, artificial colors or flavors.
Amounts of vitamins and minerals in Balanced Trio formulas are based on DRI (Dietary Reference Intakes). These reference intakes were created by Food and Nutrition BoardInstitute of Medicine at National Academy of Sciences and are regularly updated as the new scientific data becomes available.DRI are not equivalent to DV (Daily Values), which were established for nutrition labeling back in 1968. While for many vitamins and minerals DV recommendation are close to current DRI recommendations, for some vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B12 and biotin they are much higher than current recommendations. Balanced Trio was created for safe long-term use and provides adequate amounts of all key micronutrients. For more information about DV and DRI and to see detailed comparison table for each micronutrient visit Nutritional Needs page.


Balanced Trio multivitamins contain only well studied ingredients that have been used as supplements for at least twenty years. The amount of each ingredient is consistent with current DRI (Dietary Reference Intakes), which are the most recent set of dietary recommendations made by the Institute of Medicine at National Academy of Sciences (please visit Scientific Evidence for more information).

We do not include any mega doses, novel ingredients, artificial colors or flavors. Balanced Trio is also free of most common allergens such as gluten, corn, eggs, dairy and peanuts/tree nuts.

Balanced Trio was created to supplement one's diet and to insure adequate intake of all key micronutrients. As such, it is appropriate and beneficial for long-term use for most people. If you have a specific health condition, please consult your qualified health care practitioner.

At Vital Formulas, our key priorities are research-based safety and effectiveness of all the ingredients in our formulas.

Balanced Trio formulas are manufactured in New Jersey in strict compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations. We use the highest quality ingredients available – organic chelated minerals from Albion, most bioavailable vitamins, NovoOmega® fish oil, standardized herbal and fruit extracts and a number of patented ingredients. All lots of raw materials used for the manufacturing of our products are tested for potency, heavy metal contamination and microbiological content. We also test all final products to assure potency, purity and shelf life stability.


Balanced Trio formulas are manufactured in New Jersey in strict compliance with all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations.

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We ship all orders within 24 business hours. If you place an order before 2pm EST, it would normally ship the same day. For most orders we use USPS Priority Mail. Orders are shipped from NY.
Yes, we do ship orders to P.O. Boxes.


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