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About Us

About our Founder

Vital Formulas was founded by Natalia Lukina with the idea that nature and science can be combined successfully to create the most effective, natural and safe multivitamin products possible. Natalia has MS degree in Biology from the California Institute of Technology.

After graduating from Caltech Natalia worked at the Scripps Research Institute doing research in cell biology. At the same time she completed a 2-year professional certification program in Drug Discovery and Development at UCSD. The more she learned about the Big Pharma business, the more she was upset about the current state of the drug industry. This has led to her studies of nutrition and natural supplementation. She wanted to create safe products that would help people stay healthy and away from medications. That’s how Vital Formulas was born.

About Vital Formulas

Vital Formulas is the developer of Balanced Trio – the first multivitamins that are formulated and grouped according to scientific vitamin combining principles.

What is vitamin combining? You’ve probably heard about food combining. The same idea applies to vitamins and minerals. Not all of them are well absorbed when taken together. On the other hand, some vitamins and minerals greatly help absorption of one another. Just like foods!

Besides synergy between the ingredients, Balanced Trio formulas take into account the best time of day to take each micronutrient. For example, iron, CoQ10 and B12 are best taken during the first half of the day. On the other hand relaxing minerals such calcium and magnesium are best taken in the evening.

In the process of creating Balanced Trio our team of scientists has reviewed and analyzed large amounts of nutrient interaction data. Balanced Trio multivitamins include only well known ingredients – vitamins, minerals, fish oil, CoQ 10 and antioxidants – nothing new here. What’s new is that these nutrients are grouped into three synergistic formulas – Morning, Mid-day and Evening.

Our goal in creating Balanced Trio was to develop highly effective multivitamins that provide balanced nutritional support at the right time of day.

About our Ingredients

Balanced Trio includes the following seven groups of ingredients: vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fish oil, herb and fruit extracts, CoQ 10, carotenoids, and vitamin C complex. All these ingredients have been used in supplements for at least several decades and have a proven track-record of safety and effectiveness. We only use ingredients of the highest quality and bio-availability – organic chelated minerals from Albion®, pure and potent standardized herb and fruit extracts, purified fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids, trace minerals from Concentrace®, carotenoids from AstaREAL® and Lyc-o-Mato®, vitamins in their most bio-available forms.